Okote es elaborada con elementos que permiten conectar con tu centro y con la tierra. Todas nuestras velas son diferentes y pueden cambiar con el tiempo, ya que, están hechas a mano con materiales volcánicos naturales.

Okote is manufactured  with elements that allows you to connect with your your core and the ground erath. All of our candles are different and can changece through time,since they are handcrafted with organic natural materials.

  • Dimensions:
    4″x 2.7″ approx.
  • Weight:
    1 kg
  • Burning time:
    8 hr approx.

aromas disponibles: wood, citrus & cocoa / 3 scents available: Fine Woods, Orange Spain  & Cocoa
Por favor indicar qué variación prefiere: blanca,  intermedia o oscura. / Please indicate with variation color is your choice: White, médium or dark.